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Our Retro Bungalow
The journal of the making of an old house into a lovely new home.

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Jus' Truss Me

I'm currently working on a huge and daunting project:
the sorting and digitizing of endless albums and boxes
of photographs
of our family since 1981, the year Mr & Me met.
And I'm behind in this week's journaling.
I've got to work on both those things this evening.
And probably make a meal.
Mr'd sure appreciate that.
So, this post will be short on words.
And if you know me at all,
you know that ain't exactly one of my natural inclinations.
This intro is proof.
Like you even need proof.
let's go already...

At the end of last post
(actually, the post before last)
I wrote about and posted photos of the finished 
framed walls of the workshop.
next came putting the housewrap on,
then installing the windows, and then
getting it sheeted with 
Smartside's 4'x9' 7/16 non-groove panels. 

And then...
came the trusses.
Which we put up 'a mono'.
1. Putting a 70,000 lb crane with outriggers on our driveway
would have been a disaster, cracking and crushing the concrete.

2. Saved us somewhere in the ballpark of $500 and $700.

3. We're just crazy like that.

4. My pacin' and prayin' is a force to be reckoned with.

5. It makes a pretty awesome story.

And truss me...
there are stories.

The end gables were the hardest and scariest, 
being fully sheeted, 38 feet long, 9 feet high
at the top of the rake, 
and weighing in at 450 to 500 pounds.
But Mr is a genius.
And confident.
And determined.
And that always adds up to success.
But still I pray.
And pace.
Unless I'm supporting a truss on a 2x6x12, 
waiting for that truss 
to be hoisted into position. 
"Honey, when we lift, you run. Okay?"
"Yep. Got it."
Pacin' just ain't practical when 
you're holding a truss up on a long 2x6.

We had some great help here and there from a couple of our children,
a couple of our sons-in-law,
our daughter, Aubrey's, boyfriend, Shad,
and even a wonderful neighbor, friend and fellow ward (congregation) member, 
Jay Mackley.
It took us 2 weeks of off and on work to get the job completed.
And boy, let me tell you...
we're GLAD it's completed.

Mr worked on the diagonal and lateral bracing 
and the strong backs and kickers all of last week.
He and I got the east and west facia (not shown) up last Tuesday evening.
Tomorrow we hope to get the barge rafters up after he gets home from work
and before dark.
The days are growing shorter, summer is waning.
Next comes the sheeting of the roof.
Another adventure awaits.

Thank you for stoppin' by
Our Retro Bungalow.