Our Retro Bungalow

Our Retro Bungalow
The journal of the making of an old house into a lovely new home.

Sunday, August 9, 2015

We've come A LONG WAY, Baby!

When I think back on all that we've accomplished together,
I am simply overwhelmed.
We, by hand without any heavy equipment, tore down
a house, loaded all the debris into 13 of the largest dumpsters
available, and then built a darling little house  on top of the remaining foundation
that we lovingly refer to as
Our Retro Bungalow.
What an incredible journey!
We were issued our Weber County building permit on
Monday, August 27th, 2013.
We were issued our official occupancy permit on
Friday, August 7, 2015.


Did y'all hear Mr & Me hollerin', high-five'n and doin' a happy jig
when Inspector Mike signed it and handed it to us?
Cuz you sure should've.
This means that, as far as Weber County is concerned, we are 
Really, that's just a legal technicality.
With our feet back down on the ground,
the truth is there's still lots to do,
but the BIG stuff is behind us.

And can I just say that we really appreciate the friendship we've forged with 
Inspector Mike. Mike has been fantastic to work with. He and Dean are very much alike
and we all have a deep, mutual respect for each other.
I took the above photo of Mike and Dean shootin' the breeze after one of our inspections.
Neither one has any idea I took it, 
but I'd kidded Mike a few times about getting a picture of him on our blog.

Here's a short list of some things we've been up to since I last posted.

Last post I mentioned that Ryan U was going to deliver our 
gable vents by Friday and Dean would have them installed by Saturday night.
At least I think that's what I said, but I haven't looked back to see for sure.
Well, lo and behold, if Ryan didn't pull up in the driveway on Monday
evening with our custom-made gable vents in tow!
We were blown away and very, very pleasantly surprised.
He just said he knew we were anxious to get them up,
so he pulled some late nights (after his regular job) to
get them done.
Dean went right to work, then and there, getting as many as he could 
installed on their respective gable boxes before sundown. 
 He put the rest up the next day and got them all trimmed out.
And they're 

There are three end gables all together: North, Mid & South.
This is the south end gable.

There are two front, west facing gables.
You can see the mid end gable to the left in this photo.

Right after the vents were installed and trimmed, Dean dug two nice, deep
holes for our grandchildren to play and make their own adventures in...

Cope pretended to be a zombie crawling out of a pit.

Alice in the rabbit hole is more Ellie's style.

And they both enjoyed pretending to walk the plank over the 
fathomless hole that goes all the way through the center of the earth to the other side.

Well, actually...
the holes were for the piers for the rest of the front porch to be built on.
Which we did...

And, YES, that's 'Tate Olive' you see,
 NOT SmartSide's paper sack primer color!
I finished the second coat on all the trim below the frieze band on Friday morning.
I spent several hours yesterday morning getting the first coat of color 
on two sections (the front room & dining/kitchen areas) of siding.
I was SO EXCITED to get started on that.
I figure it'll take me a good three weeks, working most mornings until
about 12:30 when it gets too warm for the paint to cooperate, 
to get two coats on everything.
We LOVE the color.
And we LOVE our sweet front porch.

That's about it for now.
Except for one little thing...
and I do mean little.
Our most recent power bill
-remember that it's the HOTTEST part of the year-
was a whopping
41 bucks.
And check this out...
So, while so-n-so the swamp cooler cynic is payin' his 200+ dollar a month electricity bill
because he has 'central air', we are staying very comfortable and payin' a fraction that,
bein', ya know, all cool and efficient.
Neener neener.
Yep, you betcha I'm enjoying rubbin' that in, thankyouverymuch.

And thanks, as always, for stoppin' by.
I don't usually check our stats in blogger, 
but I did a couple of weeks ago and
there's a lot of folks checkin' in to see what's goin' on around here.
We do appreciate your support.

Good Night and God Bless.

Monday, August 3, 2015

Meaningful Decor: An Heirloom Hairbrush

We woke to a glorious summer-morning rain.
I'd planned on painting outside from 7 am to noon.
I'm sitting here in my painting attire, listening and waiting for it to let up,
but I see no break in the clouds on the horizon.
It's not that I don't enjoy a welcome summer rain,
but I think it is very possible that if I get my mind set on
an entirely different task while I wait  
-especially if I'm really determined to complete it-
surely the rain will stop before I'm done and expect me to 
carry on with my original plans.
I'm not sure that reverse psychology actually works on the weather,
but the scenario seems to have been quite effective at other times.
We shall see. 

My good husband has always been generous when it comes to my whims and fancies.
And on the occasions that I said to him,
"I want (or need) to go visit my Granny.",
he made sure that I got away for a visit with her even when our children were little
and he had to play "Mr Mom" in my absence.
Since he frequently traveled over much of the world to places like 
Sweden, France, Germany, Japan and Mexico for his employer,
he always had frequent flyer miles to purchase my airfare with.
He and I, both, are thankful for those travel opportunities he had,
but we are even more thankful he no longer has the stress of traveling
like he used to; 
us Mossi's are homebodies, besides the fact that really we do not 
like being separated by half a world for any period of time.
When the flyer miles ran out,
he was usually able to find good deals on airfare
and my visits continued whenever I had a hankerin' to see Granny.

back to the point of this post that should be much shorter than it already is.
But it's now pouring outside.
My reverse psychology scheme doesn't seem to be working at all,
so on with the extra chitchat.
I may not get any painting done today.
I'm sorry for that too.

On one of my visits with Granny back at the old farmstead on rural route 37
in Columbia County Arkansas
I was spending some time one afternoon with my Aunt Sharon.
Aunt Sharon mentioned that she was in possession of our Granny Burke's
old hairbrush and it was tucked away inside one of her dresser drawers.
Granny Burke had been gone nearly 10 years by this time.
We both missed her still.
Aunt Sharon retrieved the little pink bakelite hairbrush and handed it to me.
As I examined it I could clearly see that it still had some of Granny Burke's
fine, white hair woven among the bristles.
 That, of course, made it all the more special.
"You keep it.", I heard my aunt say, although her voice seemed muffled
and distant as I was lost in thought while inspecting the humble little artifact.
"What? Are you sure?!"
That was 18 years ago.
I kept it in my own antique dresser drawer for a time.
I displayed it atop that same dresser for a while.
It sat for a time on my dressing/makeup/vanity table in the
master bathroom of our Pleasant View home.
I ran it through my hair on several occasions.
Our daughters ran it through theirs.
Even our sweet Cupcake ran it through her golden locks.
That's SIX generations of hair!
How beautiful, incredible and wonderful that is.
Since acquiring this humble little heirloom,
I've worried and worried about it being dropped and broken,
so finally decided to have a shadow box made for it.
I chose a very simple moulding that would not detract from the
sweetness of my Great-Grandmother's delicate pink hairbrush.
Chris, at Bennion Crafts frame shoppe, did a fine job
mounting it on a lovely black velveteen background for me.
It now hangs on the wall of our master bathroom here at
Our Retro Bungalow.

And it's still raining.
Thanks for stopping by.
And thanks especially if you made it all the way to
The End.
p.s. Have a fabulous rainy summer day!