Our Retro Bungalow

Our Retro Bungalow
The journal of the making of an old house into a lovely new home.

Friday, June 19, 2015

5 Months and a Day

Five months and a day is exactly how long it's been since I last posted here.
Plenty has happened in the way of progress since then
and I will attempt to catch up, post-by-post, over the next while
and cover the more significant details.

As code requires, we wrapped and taped the entire house 
in Home Depot's version of Tyvek, a breathable moisture barrier. 
With the exception of the high end-gables, it was an easy-peasy task.

This is the back wall of the garage

Next came the more complicated and time consuming job of putting up the SmartSide.

This is the back wall of the house. From left to right: the awning window in our shower, 
the picture window with transom over our garden tub, the little window in the privy, 
and the two double-hung windows in our bedroom.

It was a hap-hap-happy day when the back porch ceiling was finally closed in!

Then came the soffit and fascia.
I went to Howe Rents on Washington Blvd and rented scaffolding for this.
The folks at Howe Rents of Ogden are  simply fantastic!

Have I mentioned that I have issues with heights?
BIG issues.
But, like the good sport and committed construction partner that I am,
I faced my fears and joined Dean 20+ feet up on the top plank.
At one point I even let him climb down and move the structure with me still up there.
That's trust, I tell ya.

He rarely chafes me, but he had me all undone when he got our 6 foot ladder up
on the top plank and climbed up to the top wrung to work at the peak of the gable.
I made it very clear how I felt about this feat and then all I had was pacing and praying below
and, boy, did I.
I had originally rented the scaffold for only a week, but the rain just kept uh comin'.
I called Howe Rents to ask for an extra week and they said, "No problem."
Two weeks turned into four!
We were happy to have the monstrosity finally gone, though I think we'll have to 
rent it once more to install the gable boxes that have yet to be built.

As long as I live I'll never buy paint anywhere other than Weber Paint and Glass.
It's a family owned and operated business and they have treated me so incredibly well.
After SIX sample-size paint colors, I've finally chosen the main exterior color.
I've been planning on Benjamin Moore's "Weekend Getaway" (6th from L to R) for months, but once I actually slapped it on the house, I hated it!
I absolutely LOVE Benjamin Moore's "Mountain Lane" (5th from the left), 
but it really was too bright even for me.
So I tried a sample of BM "Oak Grove" (3rd from the left), 
which is a shade or two darker.
Nope. That wasn't doin' it for me.
How about BM "Nantucket Gray" (4th from L to R), which looked very green in the store, 
but was too gray and washed out on our house.
So I went and asked them to mix up some "Sussex Green".
By now Jeanie, Jason and Jamie are giggling and teasing 
when I walk through the door for yet another sample.
"This one's on the house.", they said.
"I'm getting on your nerves." I reply.
"No. We're just feelin' a little sorry for you is all."
Seriously, I adore this family!
"Sussex Green" (2nd from L to R) turned out to be much too dark,
so the next day (six business days in a row)
I had them mix up a sample of BM "Wethersfield Moss" (first from L to R).
But I haven't told them yet and I just know they are going to be just as relieved as I am.
They're probably assuming either "Wethersfield Moss" is it, or I've just given up because 
I didn't make an appearance in the store today. 

One last note:

My knees may have been knockin' while up on the scaffold, but I must say
that I very much appreciated this view of our majestic Ben Lomond 
from the east side of the south gable.

See you next time.