Our Retro Bungalow

Our Retro Bungalow
The journal of the making of an old house into a lovely new home.

Sunday, December 7, 2014

We just finished watching Monuments Men.
Good movie, but it's late and we've  come up short 
on sleep every day this week and have GOT to 
get to bed before 11:00 tonight.
I'm giving myself 10 minutes for this post.
Here goes.
I made a big batch of chili, some corn muffins and 
Aubrey made a batch of Uncle Rich's peanut butter-milk chocolate chip cookies
and ALL our children showed up.
It was noisy, messy and chaotic and we LOVED every minute of it.
It is WONDERFUL to have a place that we can all gather together again.
I can't even begin to tell you how happy this makes us.
Before, during and after chili and muffins, all our kids went "shopping" at our 
"garage sale" where everything was FREE.
We've been tackling the daunting task of clearing out our storage container
and bringing it all into the bungalow.
I've had anxiety issues over how much stuff we have.
Seriously, I've nearly had a nervous breakdown over this. 
Dean is the calming factor in my life.
He suggested I sort through all the boxes and we have a 
"garage sale" for our kids where everything is free.
They all took home a lot of nice things
and the rest is going to DI in the next few days.
And I've decided to adopt a more minimalist lifestyle.
I suppose living in a 23' trailer for 15 months with the bare essentials
may have something to do with this.
I've always had an aversion to clutter and thought we had little in that regard,
however our Casa Di Mossi was heavily appointed 
in the way of accessories and we packed it all and stored it
and now dealing with it is/was a monster of a job.
There's just not nearly that kind of room in Retro Bungalow.
Monday we moved our bed and dresser from the basement to our 
master bedroom upstairs.
We still have to use the basement bathroom, as the master bath has a ways to go.
We needed to move upstairs due to Ally's surgery.
She will not sleep anywhere other than next to our bed
and won't be able to navigate stairs without help for a few weeks.
The things we do for our dogs.
Our cabinets haven't been touched this week,
as in our guys never showed up,
but for good reason...
Raymond, Matt's right-hand-man has been diagnosed with Lymphoma.
We are so sad to hear this.
He's recovering from the biopsy he had late last week
and has not been given a prognosis yet.
We pray he is able to beat this.
He is the husband and father of a young family
Matt is absolutely drowning without Raymond.
We feel bad for Matt too.

I've been putting all our dishes, etc away as best I can
in the cabinets that are usable at this point, which is proving 
to be difficult,
but nothing compared to what Raymond, his family and Matt 
are dealing with right now.
We're holding on and keeping busy with the seemingly endless
list of tasks that need our attention.
And keeping Raymond in our prayers.
That's nearly 12 minutes.
Thanks for stoppin'.