Our Retro Bungalow

Our Retro Bungalow
The journal of the making of an old house into a lovely new home.

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Full House, Happy Hearts

Our niece, Sarah, sent me a Facebook message on Feb 4th.
I didn't see it until a couple of days later.
I'm not a very good Facebook friend.
I post, mostly from Instagram, but don't check in and 
actually scroll the 'news feed' regularly.
I panicked a little when I read what she'd sent.
I panicked because I was afraid they'd made other plans
because I hadn't responded quickly. 
She was asking to stay here with us while she and her family were here in Utah.
They live in Rhonert Park, California, 
and were traveling out here to drop their daughter, Phoenix,
off at the Provo MTC on Wednesday the 10th.
She was a little shy and nervous about asking because
there would be SIX of them:
her, her husband Aaron, and their 4 children.
They hadn't visited us at Our Retro Bungalow before,
but had read about it and seen pictures of it here on our blog
and she assumed it was a teeny, tiny little nest for two.
Not so.
Well, it is true that we're not huge or big or spacious by any means,
but we have a couple of sweet guest rooms. 
My reply to her...

And so...
when Phoenix had been set apart after their church meetings on Sunday,
they hit the road, drove straight through and arrived at
our back door about 1:30 Monday morning.
We put them right to bed -
Sarah and Aaron in the "Louisa Room",
Phoenix and Olivia in the "______ Room",
Hunter on the queen-size blow-up bed and
Orion on the big red sectional 
that  I'd made up with sheets, blankets and pillows.
  All I can tell you is that for the few short days they were here
this was a happy and happenin' little house.
And you know that heavy quietness that prevails 
when company that you love leaves?
Retro Bungalow was a bit melancholy when they left 
and it took a day or two to readjust.
But they'll be back again.
They promised.
And Uncle Dean and I have talked about having their kids
come out and stay a week or so during the Summer to hang out with us.
Oh, I do hope so!

Sister Piombo will be serving in the St Louis, Missouri mission -
the same mission our son-in-law, Joe, served in. She's gonna be GREAT!
It's WONDERFUL to have a missionary in the family again.

Missionary dad, Aaron, is a Policeman and member of their Bishopric.
Missionary mom, Sarah, is the owner/operator of a large salon where they do it all -
hair, nails, tanning and whatever else you need to get all gussied up and purdy.
These young peeps.
We LOVE 'em!
Left to right in front are Phoenix, Hunter and Olivia.
Orion, their brother, is in the back.
They had a lot of fun running one of our old sleds all over the back 40.
That Hunter! I could just eat her up, she's SO SWEET.
And Orion - WATCH OUT, girls!
He's quite the tall, dark and handsome young fellow with an incredible
smile to go with his charming personality.
Olivia is a lovely, lovely young lady and the  quiet one of the family and I adore her.
She and Orion are twins.
On Tuesday night I ordered a stack of pizzas from Papa Murphey's,
whipped up a batch of  Uncle Richard's Peanut Butter-Chocolate Chip cookies,
brought out all the soda we had on hand and all the Mossi kids came over
for an evening of  talk-talk-talking, eating, hugging, reminiscing, and just an
all around good visit with their cousins and their cousins kids.
With the grandchildren running around playing and all the conversation going on,
it was quite the delightful ruckus.
Aaron shared a message Sister Piombo sent shortly after arriving 
and getting settled in at the MTC:

Hi everyone! So the MTC really is almost magical. The spirit is everywhere and i cannot even explain to you how incredible this experience has already been. I have been blessed with a wonderful companion and an amazing district. We are learning so much and growing together...building our testimonies off of one another and it's so wonderful. I don't know what i would do without my district or my companion. Honestly it's not easy, even on day 1!!! but they have been my support through this. Them and of course my Heavenly Father. I cannot begin to explain how close I have grown to Him being here, my testimony has just exploded! I cannot believe that it can get any bigger than it already has, but i have 10 days left here so i will let you know how that goes! We only have a short amount of time for an update tonight, but I will be sure to write more and often. One thing i want to share and to leave with you is my testimony of Prayer. It really is step one towards happiness and I know that if you open that communication with Him your Heavenly Father he will be waiting there to bless you! I love you all and I cannot wait to hear back from you! If you truly want to find happiness and peace in your life ask your Heavenly Father and if you have any more questions talk to a missionary! It saves us from knocking on so many doors haha
Love Sister Piombo

You GO girl!

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Frozen Rain Chains & Vintage Valentines

Just last night I was in the kitchen at our church building 
telling Melissa how, for the first time in a lot of years, I
wasn't dealing with the effects of S.A.D.
 I guess I triggered something in my quirky psyche(y)
even bringing it up.
I mean, I've thought it (this year being easier),
but giving voice to it jinxed me, I suppose.
Although normally I do not believe in things such as jinxes.
But today it has seemed to sneak into my bones -
a thief robbing me of desire to be and do.
I was happy to see January go.
Now, I wait out February.
And even though sunshine and warmer days will
bring mud
-lots of mud-
well, then...I'll take mud.

Remember the rain chains we put on the front of the house?
We've really enjoyed them!
They definitely serve a practical purpose, but they are 
simply lovely when there's a good rainfall.
Watching and listening as the water cascades down the links is delightful.
They're not just managing water from the roof -
they are little 'water features' like fountains and ponds
that some folks put in their yards.
And as much as I dislike winter,
they really can be quite pretty with ice clinging to them.

But that's not what this post is really about.
For just about the past month or so I've seen Instagrammers, Facebook friends,
 and fellow bloggers posting all kinds of pictures of their 
Valentine's Day decor.
Some of them even put out their Red Hearts and Cupids as soon as 
they put away their Christmas trees, wreaths and stockings.
That's okay.
Really, it is.
But that's not me.
I have a small handful of decor for to give laud to ol' St Valentine.
I put it out yesterday - 11 days before February 14.
And it'll more than likely be put away on the 15th.
Cuz I guess there's a little green Grinch living somewhere inside me.
here is our meager smattering of the symbols of love 
in honor of some ancient Italian guy who, 
for reasons I do not know, was a saint.

Really, our Valentine decor is comprised of  children's vintage Valentine's Day cards 
(my guess is they're from the 1940's)
 that I bought at an antique market years ago.
That was back in the day when we had little extra to actually
afford fancy things like antiques, but for about $20 I bought
a few of these little charmers and walked away smiling like I'd
just found treasure.
Because I had.
They even have sweet messages scribbled in pencil and/or pen on their backsides!
It took another few years before I purchased 
(mostly on clearance)
frames to put them in.
They continue to charm and delight me to this day.
And if it weren't for them,
I seriously doubt we'd have any Valentine's Day decor at all.
I've considered going out and getting a little potted miniature red rose
to cozy up and into one of these 'tablescapes', 
but I've had no desire whatsoever to even leave the house.
I only do that when I have to.
...ya know...
 winter is cold and unkind.

Oh, and I
dug out one of our velvet Christmas pillows and paired it with
the white fur winter pillow in our Papa Bear chair for good measure.
Because it's red.

So, that's the sum total of it.
Scanty, but sweet.
Did somebody say "sweet"?
Perhaps I'll bake!

Here's hoping you have a Happy Valentine's Day.

This post brought to you by my current 
"please let winter be over"
frame of mind.