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Our Retro Bungalow
The journal of the making of an old house into a lovely new home.

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Meaningful decor: Retrospection

I have quite a list of other things I should be doing right now instead of doing this.
Things like
tending the vegetable garden
watering the pots and hanging baskets on both porches
making a shopping list
working on my church calling
touching up the paint on our front door...
they warned me, ya know.
They told me that if I put a wood door on our west facing home,
we'd have issues.
Despite the warnings, I got the door I wanted.
And, of course, we got the issues they warned me about.
I'm not complaining, mind you.
I'm merely listing that task along with the others that need my 
attention, but are getting temporarily ignored for a blog post.
That's all.
Moving right along...

Y'all probably know by now that I'm hopelessly sentimental.
I don' know...
maybe it's one of those 'right-brained' things.
it is a big part of who I am.
And y'all also know
(unless you haven't been a reader here for long)
that filling our home with meaningful decor is important to me.
I steer clear of trends and boutiques and decor warehouses like 
They are definitely not bad businesses in any way whatsoever!
They sell a lot of nice things.
But they're not for me.
I do confess, however, that I have a bit of an Etsy fetish.
Or habit.
Or problem.
That inclination is not without validity, though.
The three reasons I adore Etsy are

  1. I can find just about ANY customizable this or that that suits my fancy. I don't like to have an excess of "this' and thats", but sometimes I get an idea in my head, go to Etsy to 'shop around' and nine times out of ten I'll find just the right this or that. It's grand!
  3. Besides the items I've purchased, I've actually acquired a few new FRIENDS! After messaging  each other back and forth about customizing an item, ya eventually start inquiring about the weather in New York or Wisconsin or California or Utah. Ya ask about each other's kids or grandkids, or resident cats, or what we're currently reading, etc and so forth. And it's folksy and nice and I like that a lot.
  4. Etsy shops, just like all other businesses, have SALES! Last night I ordered some items from my list of favorites because their shop had a 35% off any order over $25. So, I either wait for a sale or I simply message the shop owner and ask when their next sale will be. I LOVE that. Last night's order was a collection of children's woodland prints for Little Joe's nursery. I can hardly wait till the postman tucks them into our mailbox. They're ADORABLE.
That's FOUR reasons.
Now, tell me it doesn't get better than that!
You know it doesn't.
**this is not a paid advertisement for Etsy**

Where was I...

I've always, always said,
"I could live in a dirt shack if I had to as long as I had you."
"You", of course, is him. Mr.
As it turns out, I've not had to live in a dirt shack.
But there was that FIFTEEN MONTH stint in our camp trailer.
Believe it or not, we actually have some pretty good memories of that fifteen months.

Previous to moving into the Randall/Chadwick home in December of 2012
and then demolishing and rebuilding our Retro Bungalow in its place,
 we owned and did a good bit of living in three previous homes
over the course of our life.
Each of those homes was the beneficiary of our dedication to making them happy,
comfortable, pleasant places to be.
We honored them.
Took care of them.
We always esteemed our homes as integral parts of our family.
They were veritable souls and we their stewards.
It was a blessing to live out a portion of our lives in each one and
they will forever be cherished excerpts in our family's history.
Given the abundant sentiment,
I commissioned "portraits" of each of our previous homes
by various artists I found on Etsy.
I intentionally chose different artists for each of the portraits
because each of our homes had a personality of its own.
Those commissions are grouped together just inside the front door
-that west facing wood front door that I just HAD to have-
here at Retro Bungalow.

March 1988 to November 1991
-Our First Home -
or rather, our very first mortgage.
We purchased it when the brand new subdivision was in its earliest phase.
We chose the lot, the floor plan, the elevation and the exterior color scheme.
It was a blank slate with chalk-white interior walls, no landscaping,
no fireplace mantle, basically no frills at all when we moved in,
but my goodness, it sure was a pretty little place when
we sold it for our move to Utah.
The market in northern Los Angeles County was very slow back in late 1991.
Houses were just not selling,but our little darling sold rather quickly.
To this very day we are confident ours sold so fast
 because, not only was it the most charming little house in the neighborhood, but
we had exercised our faith by relying on the Lord through fasting and prayer
for a quick sale so our young family could
get on with our relocation for Dean's new employment.
While living there...
Dean worked for Northrup on the weapons delivery system for the top secret B2 bomber.
Dean left Northrup and went to work for McDonnell Douglas aircraft to work on the T-45.
Justin started preschool, kindergarten, first and second grades.
Natalie turned two, three, four and five.
Jocelyn learned to walk, turned one, two, three and four.
Our twins, Larissa and Aubrey were born.
I was the stay-at-home wife and mother I'd always wanted to be.
We hosted two Japanese exchange students.
We made several wonderful friends,
some, like the Millers and the Lewis', whom we are still in contact with.

January 1993 to July 2000
-Our Children's Childhood Home -
It took us a while to save enough cash and find a lot and house plan we liked,
but in 1992 construction on our house in a little culdesac in west Roy, Utah began.
In the meantime, we'd rented a mid-century modern house
-with carpeting that reminded us a lot of vomit-
on the east bench of Ogden.
Although we'd hired a contractor to build this home for us,
Dean did as much "sweat equity" work as he could on Saturdays
and weekdays after his 9 to 5.
Most evenings the children and I would show up to
bring him dinner and spend some time with daddy.
I was chin-deep with those five little rugrats so,
 as you can imagine,
I wasn't really available for helping with the house building.
While living there...
Dean graduated with his MBA from Utah State University,
coached many a soccer team and served on the Stake High Council,
in the bishopric and served as Elders Quorum President.
Justin turned into a teenager, started playing the saxophone,
got his first job and his learners permit to drive.
Natalie completed K-6th grade at Valley View Elementary, entered Jr High School
at Sandridge and began the Young Women's program in our church. She
excelled in piano with thee best piano teacher EVER, Rick Jones.
Jocelyn completed K-6th grade at Valley View Elementary, did well in piano,
wrote and illustrated many unpublished books about wolves and dogs
and she collected about a zillion Pokeman cards.
Aubrey and Larissa attended preschool and K-3rd grade at Valley View.
Ryan was born, attended two years of pre school and kindergarten.
Our beloved yellow lab, Pidge, passed away.
Scout, our rat terrier, came to be part of the family.
I did my best to keep up with the house, children, garden, pets and callings.
And life was wonderful!

March 2001 to December 2012
-Casa di Mossi -
I dug my heels in a bit when Mr suggested we 'move up'.
I was comfortable with our home and the mortgage and change is hard for me.
But, as usual, he was right.
The schools our children were attending in Roy were
not as good as the schools in other parts of the district.
We purchased a building lot in Pleasant View, came up with a floor plan,
had our nephew, Jason, draw our plans and
we were our own contractors.
We did some of the work ourselves,
but all the contractors were hired and paid by us.
While living there...
Dean left Autoliv after 18 years of employment and a few patents under his belt,
went to work for ATK for a couple of years, quit ATK and went to work for GE Medical.
Served in two different bishoprics.
I went to work for Deseret Book.
Justin graduated from high school, and college and got married in the Logan Temple.
Natalie graduated from high school, attended BYU-Provo, got married
in the Bountiful Temple and blessed us with our first two grandchildren.
Jocelyn graduated from high school, attended Weber State University and
got married in the Salt Lake Temple.
Larissa graduated from high school, attended Utah State University, got engaged.
Aubrey graduated from high school and attended Weber State University.
Ryan graduated form high school and left to serve an LDS mission in Germany.
Scout passed away.
Dean bought a German Shepherd puppy, my sweet Ally, for me as a birthday gift.

There's more.
So very many memories of each of these houses that we've called "home".
Most memories are sweet,
some are hard.
But that's what life and living
-where 'er that life and living happens (even in a  camper trailer)-
is all about.

And there you have it...
a retrospective memorial to the cherished homes of our family's history.

No, I am NOT going to commission a painting of our trailer.

That was LONG.
Too long, if you ask me.
And I just remembered that in the last post I'd said the next post was
gonna be about the shop that's goin' up.
The concrete contractor is here with his guys pouring the HUGE floor and
approach at this very moment.
Next post for sure!
But thank you for stoppin' in.